Let There Be Light!

Many of our pond owners will agree - nighttime is when their pond is the most stunning! And this is all because of strategic lighting in and around the water feature. Lights add a new dimension to your pond and make it possible to enjoy your feature year-round, both day and night! Lights have the ability to highlight certain areas of your pond, whether it is the stream, waterfall, or placed in an area where your koi like to frequent! 

Lighting is especially desirable in the fall and winter months, when the daylight hours are fewer. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, consider using Aquascape's line of energy-efficient LED lights to enhance your water feature this fall. These lights are 80-90% more energy efficient than the halogen bulbs most commonly used in water features. They also last 10-15x longer than traditional bulbs, which makes them ideal for those desiring a low-maintenance water feature. 

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