Northwest Flower & Garden Show Display Garden "Nature's Studio"

Nature’s Studio
Designed by Kirsten Lints, CPH  Gardens ALIVE Design
Installed by Rob Boyker, ecoPRO  Avid Landscape Design & Development, LLC

Water Feature designed by Mark The Pond Guy/The Pond Store

"Moon Gate" in the "Nature's Studio" Display Garden

"Moon Gate" in the "Nature's Studio" Display Garden

Nature's Studio was awarded the following honors at the opening night gala: Gold Medal Award Winner, 425 Magazine Editor's Choice Award, X Factor Award, Pacific Horticultural Society Award, Golden Palette Award, and The Founder's Cup (Best in Show)! On Saturday, we also received the Ethel Moss People's Choice Award!

Characters:  Edgy, urban artists retreat to the cool and dappled shade of their forest garden ‘studio’ to find inspiration and recharge.  Collaborative moments that feed their basic needs of nourishment, touch & warmth also inspire their artistic process providing nurturing support that enables each to produce their most lavish and beautiful work. After a harried week, we see them seeking special time together to get lost in their own forest retreat. This is where love and hard work is blooming.
Setting And Story:  It is late spring, the weather is warming, and their forest garden is alive with brilliant fresh foliage, tender flowers, and succulent vegetables. The ebullient sound of falling water and birdsong provides an animating soundtrack for their work.  Various organic forms of art are rooted throughout the garden, displaying the couple’s talent, artistic history, as well as their passion for found treasures that inspire them.
Look closely to find that one artist has been sketching in a notebook, diagramming the details of a next sculpture while the other has just set down the tools of a latest stone project.  Under the leafy canopy of a generously sheltering tree, the couple is taking a brief respite from their work. Every direction you look:  the forest, its resident art, the immovable stones, mysterious waters, delicate ferns, and ethereal flowers convey a look of bright and hopeful newness and weathered permanence at the same time.  They wander the paths of their verdant, private paradise, taking in the energizing shades of emerald green, lime, white, and rust, inhaling the earthy fragrance, and reflecting upon the glistening water.  What beautiful object will they create next?

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Plant Suppliers
Big Trees
Blooming Nursery
Bouquet Banque
Celestial Dream Gardens
Chimicum Woods
Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden
Hardnen's Nursery
Heaths and Heathers Nursery
Hima Nursery
Jason's Greenhouse
Little Prince of Oregon
Northwest Nurseries
Nursery Trees
Oxbow Native Plant Nursery
Puget Sound Plants
Skagit Gardens
Sky Nursery
Still Waters Aquatic NUrsery
Storm Lake Growers
Sunbreak Nursery
Sunnyside Nursery
Swason's Nursery
Urban Forest Nursery
Van Klaveren's Nursery
Washington Floral Service
Windmill Gardens
Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery
Vibrant Plants

Other Garden Suppliers
Carter Evans Wood Concepts
Lumastream Inc.
Marenakos Rock Center
Mutual Materials
Pacific Stone Company
Sno-Valley Mushrooms
Stueber Distributing

Art Suppliers
Blue Collar Artrwork
DIG Nursery
Inside Out Home & Garden
Live Edge Woodwork
Marta Farris
MOD Studio @ Home & Garden Art
Red Grass Designs
Seattle Solstice

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses
Gayle Larson, CPH, Dancing Ravens Design
Jefferson Landscaping
Mark the Pond Guy \ The Pond Store
Megan Pulkkinen, CPH, Megan Pulkkinen Landscape Design
Native Root Designs
Native Green Landscapes
Natural Greenscapes, LLC
Plantscapes, Inc
Rock Solid Landscapes

Student/Alum Volunteer Designers = Stacy Smith, Anju Neilju, Amy Read, Christina Masters, Mary Taylor, Anna Lindquist
Keith & Kim Lango, Laura Lango, Vince Smith, Carol Galea, Nadja Wilson, Alicia Brown, Susannah Lints & Michelle Wolf
Staff at WSNLA & WALP
And, of course the friends and family of Kirsten Lints and Rob Boyker


# of plants gathered for the garden = 2232

Types of plants gathered for the garden:
Trees = 8
Shrubs = 29
Fern = 7
Container Plants = 13
Grasses = 4
Bulbs = 5
Perennials = 30
Veggies = 16

Total number of different types of plants = 112

Number of nurseries loaning or donating plants to Nature’s Studio = 25

Number of suppliers or landscape companies loaning, donating or assisting Nature’s Studio = 18

Number of volunteers assisting with set up and take down of Nature’s Studio = 58

Part Shade Edibles
Blauschokker Peas
Bordeaux F1 Hybrid Spinach
Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Delicacy Purple Kohlrabi
Flashy Trout’s Back Lettuce
Green Ice Lettuce
January King Cabbage
Lollo Rosso Lettuce
Panther Cauliflower
Purple of Sicily Cauliflower
Red Chidori Kale
Rubine Brussel Sprouts
Ruby Ball Cabbage
Rudolph Broccali
Shiitake Mushrooms
Tuscan Kale