Patio Ponds - Big Impact for Small Spaces

Do you have a small space that you would LOVE to jazz up with a beautiful water feature? Introducing Patio Ponds - the perfect solution for water gardening in small spaces! Patio Ponds are a great option for front yards, decks, patios, and even apartment balconies. Bring a little "peace of paradise" to your small space with these easy-to-install features!

Six Steps To A Miniature Ecosystem Pond!

  1. Unpack your Patio Pond from the box.
  2. Rinse it out with a garden hose.
  3. Place the Patio Pond in the location you choose and begin filling it with water. If using a garden hose, be sure to run the hose for a few minutes to flush out any stagnant water.
  4. Before adding plants or fish, treat the water with Pond Detoxifier.
  5. Place water plants on the integrated shelf. The round section in the middle is perfect for a water lily!
  6. Add a few small fish for color and movement. Goldfish and even small Koi are a great choice!

You can spice things up even further by adding a small light, a water fountain, or a container water garden filter

Get In It To Win It!

For a limited time, we are running a contest on Facebook to WIN a Patio Pond! Simply "Like" The Pond Store on Facebook and share this blog post on your timeline to enter. Contest runs through April 1st, 2015. (Winner must pick up the Patio Pond from The Pond Store in Sumner, WA, or pay for shipping if out of the area).

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