4 Ways To Make Your Water Feature Look More Natural

When people communicate their water garden ideas and dreams to us, one of the most common threads we see is that people want their feature to look natural. We strive to create water features that look like they were transported straight from the Cascades. So what are some ways we can achieve this?

  1. Shape - The shape of a pond is important. In nature, we see ponds, lakes, and streams that are "imperfect" in shape. What we don't want in our yards is a perfectly circular pond or stick-straight stream. The design should be fluid.
  2. Rock Size - One mistake that many inexperienced pond builders make is using only one size rock. As seen in the above photo, this gives the feature what we call a "necklace" look. One other thing to consider is using rock that is native to your area. We like to use a balanced mix of granite and river rocks in many of our features.
  3. Plants - In nature, most ponds and streams have an abundance of plant life surrounding it. Don't be nervous to add native plants around the edge of your feature and lily-pads and other aquatic plants in your feature.
  4. Logs, Stumps, and Moss - We like to add an added touch of nature to our water features with logs, stumps, and moss. These create the impression that the feature has been there for years, and is part of the natural landscape. 

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