3 Weekly Maintenance Products To Keep Your Pond Sparkling

Pond maintenance doesn't have to be complicated or frustrating! Hundreds of our pond clients spend less than 15 minutes a week on pond maintenance and enjoy a beautiful, sparkling water feature year-round. Read on to find out which maintenance products we use in our water features to achieve that straight-from-the-Cascades look!

  1. Beneficial Bacteria - All of our ponds have a Biological Filter incorporated into the design. These are important because they colonize bacteria by creating surface area for the bacteria to thrive and multiply. Because your pond is an enclosed ecosystem, factors such as fish load and organic debris (leaves, pine needles, etc) can build up in your pond and contribute to algae growth, cloudy water, and an unhealthy environment for fish and plants. Beneficial Bacteria restores biological balance and promotes clear, clean, and healthy water conditions. Weekly dosage: 1 scoop treats 1,000 gallons. 
  2. SAB Stream & Pond Clean - SAB (which stands for String Algae Buster) is crucial to help with sludge buildup and preventing string algae from growing. High levels of phosphate can lead to algae growth, and SAB has a phosphate binder to keep levels within a healthy range. Weekly dosage: 1 scoop treats 100 gallons.
  3. Algaecide - Adding Algaecide to your pond on a weekly basis is the most effective way to prevent new string algae from forming and also keep your water from turning green. Weekly dosage: 1 ounce treats 300 gallons.

Follow this treatment guideline and your pond will be clean and sparkling all year long!

Have any specific maintenance questions? Leave us a comment below and our experts will answer your question.