After The Clean-Out: Maintenance + What To Expect

Spring pond clean-outs are one of the most important things to do to keep a balanced, well-maintained water feature. It is also important to properly care for your pond following the clean-out, as your pond is reestablishing its ecosystem. 

  • You may have to finish filling the pond and/or turn on the pump after we finish your clean-out. 
  • Following the clean-out, we will re-introduce your fish to the pond. They may be hiding in the fish cave or under plants for awhile afterwards.
  • Add a dose Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds + SAB™ Stream & Pond Clean to your water feature every day for a week following the clean-out. This helps to seed the water feature with good bacteria and helps to reestablish the ecosystem quickly.
  • Don't be alarmed if the water turns cloudy or green for up to a week after the clean-out. This is perfectly normal as the as the ecosystem is being reestablished. Adding your maintenance products will help get the cloudy/green water under control quickly.
  • Hose out the net & filter in the skimmer vault every two months, depending on the amount of debris that falls in. Sometimes, depending on the weather and amount of debris, this will need to happen more often. This will help with maintenance year-round, and extend the effectiveness of your clean-out.
  • What's the white stuff in my waterfall or Skimmer area? We add salt to help with the slime coat of your fish and to reduce stress. The salt can take a while to dissolve.

We hope these tips help you with keeping your water feature clear and sparkling this year! If you are still not on our clean-out list, click here to fill out our online form.