BOGO: Water Hyacinth!

BOGO Aquatic Plant Offer!

Visit The Pond Store to receive one water hyacinth FREE with the purchase of one or more floaters (water hyacinth & water lettuce).

Did you know?

  • Adding plants, especially floaters, help balance the ecosystem in your pond.
  • These unique water plants provide shade in a full sun pond, which reduces algae growth.
  • Their root system will help filter your pond water. 
  • Your fish will love eating off the nutritious roots.
  • Grouping water hyacinth tightly together increases their chances of blooming.
  • Stop in this weekend to choose from the best selection of water hyacinth and water lettuce for your pond. 
  • $2.99 each.
  • $2.50 each with purchase of 5 or more. 
  • This offer is only valid until 5/7/16 so hurry in to get your free water hyacinth!

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