Adding New Koi to Your Pond

There are a few steps you should take before introducing the fish to their new homes. Assemble together the following:

Pond Thermometer

Pond Thermometers are necessary to check your pond's water temperature. Whenever you are transferring fish from one area to another, check the water temperatures of both areas. They should be within a few degrees of each other.

Pond Salt

Use Pond Salt to help reduce stress, restore the fish's protective slime coating, and prevent parasites.

Pond Detoxifier

Pond Detoxifier eliminates chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and chelates heavy metals making them safe for fish and plants and allowing for metals like iron to be used by pond plants as fertilizer.

Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria helps maintain a strong biological balance; providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions.

Fish Nets 

Fish Nets safely scoop fish in and out of your pond.

Acclimating your Fish

Upon arriving home, make sure your pond water is dechlorinated with Pond Detoxifier. To avoid shock to your fish, float the fish bag on the pond's surface for approximately 15 minutes, add some pond water into the bag, and wait another 15 minutes before releasing them (minimize the amount of water from the bag being transferred into pond). This will allow the fish to become acclimated to any temperature and water quality differences in their new homes!

Newly introduced fish may immediately hide due to the stress of travel and new surroundings. Minimize initial feeding and treat your pond as you would normally.

Fish Feeding Tips

Fish do not have to eat every day. Give your fish what they will eat in 2 - 3 minutes per feeding. Higher temperatures increase the metabolic rate of fish. Although fish may be fed once a day, they enjoy several feeding times. Be careful; excess food becomes nutrients in the pond that may readily be used by algae. Stop feeding when the water temperature dips below 50℉. Remember to check your pond thermometer! If you feed from a consistent location, your fish can be conditioned to be rather friendly. Store fish food in a cool, moisture-free environment in an air-tight container. In early spring or late fall, when temperatures range from 50℉ to 65℉, feed your koi Cold Water fish food.

The Aquascape line of floating koi and pond fish food provides nutritionally complete and balanced formulations designed to meet the nutritional requirements of your pond pets. Developed under the guidance of a top koi veterinarian, these unique foods are scientifically blended from the highest quality protein sources, digestive enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins. These blends provide excellent taste, have low ash content and are highly digestible, resulting in increased nutrient absorption to support growth, maintain health and color, and reduce waste in your pond.