5 Reasons to Hire a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor

When it comes to water features, it's important to hire someone who is experienced, artistic, and dependable. On a nearly daily basis we get phone calls from people who had their pond built by a landscaper and there is an issue with the design or installation. Some of these issues are simple fixes, but some involve a complete renovation that ends up costing the homeowner thousands more than if the pond had been installed correctly the first time!

When you are looking for a pond installer, keep the following things in mind. The company you hire should meet the following criteria, and if they do, chances are they are a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor.


Master Certified Aquascape Contractor's (CAC's) have committed themselves to a rigorous quality control program that goes above and beyond your everyday pond installer. You will find that each component in each project that a Master CAC installs is the highest quality product with workmanship to match. Ask your contractor about the components they are using in your project.

Continuing Education

Master CAC's are required to have a minimum number of class hours in both pond building skills and business skills to maintain our status. This includes both classroom seminars and workshops, as well as multi-day advanced pond builds to learn cutting edge technology and techniques. We invest a lot of time and money into training ourselves to become the best of the best. Ask your contractor what types of pond building education they have taken part of this year. This is important especially with more advanced types of projects.

Customer Service

Master CAC's are held to a higher standard of customer service than just an average pond builder. This is because a review board acts on customer complaints and prompts the Master CAC to deliver exceptional service, to every customer. Ask your contractor if they will be available after the install to service your water feature in the case of a leak, pump issue, or maintenance.


Master CAC's are typically full-time pond installers. This means that ponds are generally our passion, and since we only install and service ponds, we have become experts in the field. A Master CAC is a true professional and is dedicated to bringing their expertise to each project. Be sure you hire someone who can build your water feature right the first time! Ask your contractor if they specialize in ponds and water features. 


Many Master CAC's pride themselves on being not just a water feature installer, but first and foremost a water feature artist. What this means is that they have an eye for design, will work with native rocks, boulders, and plants, and create a feature that looks like it could be found in nature. Ask your contractor if they have a portfolio of artistic water features.