Pond Diagnostic Services


Do you have a pond in your backyard that you struggle to maintain? Does it seem to cause more headaches than it's worth? If so, we offer an onsite Diagnostic Consultation, perfect for those who:

  • just bought a new home with a water feature

  • struggle with water quality issues

  • want to upgrade their water feature

  • want firm pricing for our services

  • want to reduce the amount of time they spend maintaining the feature

Our consultant will meet with you at your home to:

  • answer all of your questions about your water feature

  • find out what you have and what you need

  • make sure you have proper filtration system

  • determine approximate gallonage

  • make product suggestions and dosage amounts

  • create estimates

We will have all the notes in our file for any future work you may need. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with the next available date:

Exceptions for our onsite visit:

  • We do not look for leaks at this visit

  • We do not make any repairs at this visit

The fee for the Diagnostic Consultation starts at $150


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