From I-5 or Hwy 167, take Hwy 512

Take either the South Hill Mall or Canyon Rd exit

Go south to 160th St and turn right if you are on Meridian (Hwy 161) or left if you are on Canyon Rd

Turn south on 78th Ave (Red Hawk entrance)

Take the 3rd right onto 163rd St Ct E & proceed past the end of the pavement. 

We will have directional signs posted within Red Hawk to guide you to the parking area.


PLEASE NOTE: The address provided is an approximate location. We do not provide our exact address because Google Maps and GPS will get you lost. Please follow the directions closely, and use the map as a general guide. The final destination is through the Red Hawk development, you must drive past the end of the pavement on 163rd St Ct E onto the gravel road to get to our place. There will be signs posted.