Want an easy way to maintain your water feature? Choose one of our maintenance plans to have your maintenance products shipped straight to your door!

Your busy. We know that. So we've made it even easier for you to take care of your beautiful water feature with our maintenance packages that ensure you never run out of the products you need to keep your pond looking crystal clear. 

how does it work?

It's simple. You choose the package that works for your size pond, and we ship the products to your doorstep automatically. The 1,000 and 2,000 gallon pond packages will ship every 5 weeks, and the 3,000 gallon pond package will ship every 3 months.

Are there any fees Or commitments?

Shipping is $5 per shipment. And you can cancel anytime!

What exactly will i receive with the maintenance package?

In your initial shipment, you will receive the three products we use on a weekly basis to keep our ponds sparkling - Beneficial Bacteria*, SAB, and Algaecide. The following shipments will replenish the SAB and Algaecide, as those run out before the Beneficial Bacteria. 

Additionally, shipments in the spring and fall will receive a complimentary Barley Algae Inhibitor. Also, we will periodically send you samples of fish food, water treatments, and other pond related items. (Beneficial Bacteria will last much longer than the other products, so it will ship less frequently).

Are there any special offers or promos I can use?

Yes! As part of our Beta testing for this new subscription, we are offering FREE Beneficial Bacteria for your first shipment!