Pond Pumps


Please read the following guidelines for proper pump installation and performance. Failure to follow these guidelines may void the limited liability warranty


  • It is required that a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) be installed for the water feature by a qualified electrician.
  • It is recommended that a dedicated outlet be provided for the water feature
  • Please have the electrician refer to the pumps electrical specifications for the proper electrical operating range of the pump. The pump will need to be run within these electrical parameters to ensure proper pump performance and best possible lifespan.
  • Electrical testing should also be completed under full load at the outlet. Make sure all other electrical devices that will be in used in and around the water feature are plugged in and in operation during full load testing phase. The pump should still fall within the minimum and maximum voltage and ideal amperage range during full load testing.
  • Hardwiring the pumps is not recommended due to complications caused when servicing or replacing the pump.
  • Please have the qualified electrician contact the water feature installer or place of purchase with any questions related to the pumps electrical requirements. Improperly installed and/or faulty electrical causing the pump to fail will void the pumps 2 year limited liability warranty.

Extension Cord

  • Extension cords should only be used to test the pump in the new water feature.
  • Using an extension cord, especially one over 25 feet long, may cause irregular power to the pump. The voltage and amperage supplying the pump may be affected, causing performance problems with the pump, and possibly reducing the pump's lifespan.


  • Proper maintenance of the water feature will also ensure the best possible lifespan of the pump. Please make sure to consider the following:
  • Do not allow the filters to become clogged with debris and sediment. Conduct regular cleaning and seasonal maintenance according to your owner's manual.
  • Keep water flowing freely to the pump by routinely cleaning the skimmer debris net and filter mat. Be sure to maintain proper water level in the water feature. Avoid allowing the pump to run dry or operate in low water level situations.
  • Inspect and remove large debris, such as mulch, sticks, small pebbles, etc from the bottom of the Skimmer, Snorkel™ Vault, or sump basin in order to prevent the pump from becoming clogged and possibly damaged.

Winter Care

If you shut your pond down during the winter season we recommend removing the pump from the filter and storing in a bucket of water in a frost free location. The water will help maintain the life of the seals on the pump while in storage. Please note that the pump, depending on how long it has been out of operation over the winter may need to be "kick-started". To test, plug the pump into the electrical outlet prior to installing the pump back in the skimmer and visually inspect if the pumps impeller is spinning. If the pumps impeller does not start spinning on its own use a screw driver or similar device to assist the impeller. Once the impeller begins spinning the lubrication will be reintroduced between the seals and the pump should start on its own. The pump can now be installed back into the water feature.