We offer only the highest quality pond products, and we stand behind our workmanship 100%. 

All of our Signature Series filters and skimmers come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our liners offer a limited 20 year warranty against failure, and since liners only deteriorate from the sun’s UV rays, we cover the entire liner with boulders and river gravel for added protection. This provides not only natural beauty, but also protects your liner from cuts, tears, and UV rays.

Our Aquasurge pump line is the most energy efficient line on the market and also has the best warranty at 3 years with full replacement.

Our plumbing lines are PVC Flex pipe that have been tested 50 degrees below zero, full of water, and will not crack or burst. We offer a 20 year warranty against material failure in pumps for water lines.

We also offer a full 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship in the water garden installation. This includes material failure, leak repair, and any labor cost incurred for the repairs.

Additional fees

These prices apply to consumers whose project address falls within a 25 mile radius of our location. If the project falls outside of this radius, additional travel fees will apply. 

If an onsite consultation is required, there will be a consultation fee added. This fee is refundable with a 50% deposit at the time of the consultation.

Design Consultation Fees:

  • 0-10 miles - $150

  • 11-20 miles - $250

  • 21-30 miles - $350

  • 31-40 miles - $425

The prices listed here are based on direct machine access. We will charge an additional restricted access fee if the site is not easily accessible for our equipment.

Prices are subject to change.