About Us

Mark The Pond Guy is a family owned company. My wife Cynthia and I have been married since 1987, all 4 of our adult kids work in the business. On February 24th, 2018 we welcomed Helena “Ellie” to our world as our 1st grand child.

An unwritten principal I wanted my kids to learn about running a business was to always under promise and over deliver. I believe each one does this better than anyone I know. Tori is the youngest of the 4 kids and is an expert in pond products and customer service. Charity (Ellie’s mom) loves customer service and selling products to the DIY customer. Heather makes me look like a big company with her expertise in web design and handles all my social media as well schedules all service requests. I taught Dan everything I knew about pond building and he has passed me up. Last year he won the most coveted award in the industry…”Artist of the Year”. Cynthia is one of the most remarkable people I have ever known. She is an expert in so many fields I could fill a couple of web pages! She is a creator of music (piano and harp) and she is a healer. She is a Certified Essential Oils Coach, Certified Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach and owns the Essential Oils Bar at The Pond Store.

We have been in business since 1989. In the early years I mowed lawns then grew the business to a full landscape service company. In 1997, we started installing water features using the Aquascape methodology and since then have gone on to sell the landscape company and become one of the nation's largest pond installation companies. Today we are the only Master Certified Aquascape Contractor in Western Washington. Since water features are our specialty, we have the experience it takes to turn your dreams into reality. We invite you to use this website as a reference point as you embark on your water garden dreams.

Happy Pondering!

Mark the Pond Guy and Family

Because a portion of our backyard was fenced and out-of-public view, it had become a rather decrepit site, used primarily for storage and unkempt vegetation.

We built a sunroom on that side of the house, and we needed to beautify this area. We finally decided on a water feature combined with an integrated flagstone pathway and patio viewing area. We took advantage of the Pond Guy's water feature building class and decided on a recirculating water feature with three small waterfalls without a pond. The Pond Guy was contracted to build the water feature complete with lighting and water plants; and to deliver our choice of flagstone from a local quarry. With the water feature operational we put in the flagstone, and surrounding plantings. The result has been a delightful private garden area where we can view it from our sunroom or sit out on the flagstone patio and enjoy the view and the sound of the water as it goes over the combination of cascade and sheet falls. The water feature has been in operation for fifteen years and runs continuously throughout the year.

Proud owners- Phil and Barb W.