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We do not perform ANY repair work on concrete or homeowner-built ponds. If you have a concrete or homeowner-built pond that you would like re-done, please fill out our Custom Water Feature form to request a quote on a complete re-do.

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Release of Liability

Although we take extra care to keep your fish safe and free of harm during your pond’s servicing, we cannot guarantee their health or safety. The Pond Store does not, at any time, take responsibility for the health or safety of your fish and will not be held liable or negligible for the health, safety or physical well being of your fish. Our trained staff will use all of their skilled knowledge to properly clean and service your pond.

The Pond Store does not, at any time, take responsibility for any structural, mechanical issues, or leaks that may arise after the pond is serviced. If an issue requiring a service call is covered under warranty, service will be provided as specified by the manufacturer warranty policy. As a convenience to our customers, we will remove the products in question to begin the warranty process. We will handle the shipping and warranty process for products covered under warranty. Any issues not covered under a manufacturer warranty will be charged as a service call with labor and material to be paid in full at time of service.

Finding a leak can be a very difficult, time-consuming process. We hope to find a low spot along the edges, as that would be an easy fix. The 1st estimate covers the cost to look for all of the most obvious places a leak can occur and to make any minor adjustments. Re-sealing of the BioFalls and/or Skimmer is highly recommended, additional charges will apply. If we re-seal the BioFalls and/or Skimmer, please leave your pond as our crew left it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, fill the pond and turn on pump, but leave the auto-fill off (if you have one). Please monitor water level and email us with the results. We hope that the 1st visit fixes the leak, but if it doesn't, we will call/email to discuss the next step.


During the summer months, your fish are extremely vulnerable to stress and even death during the Clean Out process due to the heat. If you would like to have your pond cleaned out regardless, you take full responsibility for the health of your fish. We do not guarantee their health or safety. 

By authorizing a service call you agree to our disclaimers as outlined above.