How much does a water feature cost?

Our Pondless Waterfalls start at $4,995 and our Ponds start at $6,850.

I think my pond has a leak. What do I do next?

Follow our easy, step-by-step Leak Procedure to narrow down where your pond may be leaking.

I just bought a house with a pond and I don't know how to maintain it. Can you help?

We hear this question a lot! We now offer Diagnostic Consultations for those who have a pond and aren't sure how to best maintain it.

How do I get a quote for a Pond Clean Out?

  1. Fill out our Pond Clean Out form with as much information as you can
  2. Email photos of your pond to
  3. We will email you an estimate within 7-10 business days

How do I find out my pond gallonage?

Visit our